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The Flower Girl Vase

The Flower Girl Vase

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the flower girl vase is an ode to thoughtfulness and contemplation. picture yourself on a slow day, immersed in your thoughts and staring out the window with your head in your hands. that's what the flower girl vase represents.

this beautiful unique girl's head and hands shaped vase is lovingly handcrafted from all-natural organic mineral stone, jesmonite. it's an eco-friendly companion to your inner most thoughts and wishes. 

all vases, regardless of color, will be marbled with surrounding colors. meaning, if you choose orange, you're gonna get different tones of orange all wrapped up into one gorgeous and strikingly vibrant design like you see here. 

please use the color swatches to determine your shade, if you would like a solid shade, please write so in the "custom option" text box!

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