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by Vivi.

DIY Dip-Dyed Candlesticks Kit: Pastel Edition

DIY Dip-Dyed Candlesticks Kit: Pastel Edition

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Unleash your creative side and craft your own unique candles with our DIY Dip-Dyed Candlesticks Kit: Pastel Edition. Dive into the art of candle making and add a personal touch to your living space with these beautiful pastel-colored creations.

  • Create Your Own Candles: Experience the joy of handcrafting candles tailored to your style.
  • Chic Pastel Colors: Enhance your home decor with sophisticated two-toned pastel hues.
  • Long Burning Time: Each candle offers approximately 6 hours of cozy illumination.
  • Customizable and Adorable: Express your individuality with charming and cute candle designs.

Whether you seek a delightful DIY activity or a thoughtful gift idea, our kit is perfect for infusing your surroundings with color, warmth, and charm. Embrace the happiness of creating while elevating your ambiance with these handcrafted treasures.

kit includes
  • 12 candles (17 x 2.2cm each)
  • 500g of wax pastilles for melting
  • 6 pastel dyes (purple, orange, brown, white, red, and rose)
  • Chopsticks for stirring
  • Instructions for easy crafting

All you need is a heat-safe glass or pan for melting, a pot for double boiling, and a positive attitude to immerse yourself in a world of colors! Handcrafted with love in Munich by Vivi.

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