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6oz Strawberry Sunshine Candle

6oz Strawberry Sunshine Candle

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hand-poured into a chic, 6oz stoneware vessel, this candle is a true work of art that will elevate any space with its captivating scent and stunning visual appeal.

the "marbled berry" vessel itself is handcrafted using sustainable mineral stone and featuring a mesmerizing marbled design in white, light pink, and deep pink hues. this strawberry fusion sensation creates a striking and unique appearance that will complement any decor style, from modern, maximalist or minimalist to cozy and rustic.

fragrance: strawberry sunshine

see our "SCENTS" page located on our home page menu for a more detailed description of strawberry sunshine and all of our other captivating scents.

be prepared for a delightful sensory experience that captures the essence of biting into a delectably ripe, juicy summer strawberry on a perfect summer day. the divine strawberry scent is authentic and mouthwatering while keeping the perfect balance of sweet and fresh, filling your space with a delightful aroma that will uplift your mood and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

sustainability forward

not only is our "strawberry sunshine" candle a treat for your senses, but it's also an eco-friendly choice. the stoneware vessel is both recyclable and reusable, making it a sustainable option for the environmentally conscious candle lover. once you've enjoyed the candle down to the last flicker, simply clean out the vessel and repurpose it as a stylish storage container, planter, or decorative accent.

see our blog for tips on cleaning out a finished candle to recycle or repurpose.

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