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3oz Coffee Candle (Demitasse)

3oz Coffee Candle (Demitasse)

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indulge your senses in the sheer opulence of our 3oz glass lumière - where small size meets a symphony of bold fragrance. enveloped within this petite powerhouse is the essence of a coffee lover's utopia, aptly named "demitasse."

the lumière is an exquisitely poised glass vessel. even before the flame is sparked, the candle's presence speaks volumes with a robust cold throw, teasing your olfactory senses as you stroll by.

once lit, the air is infused with the invigorating aroma of freshly ground black coffee, a rich symphony that you could swear was being prepared in your own kitchen or coffee bar. it's not just a candle; it's a sensory journey, a fragrant ode to the refined allure of coffee enthusiasts.


we only have 3 of these that have been curing since September of '23. once stock runs out, we will continue to sell them after we have restocked our supplies to make them. each candle has a 2 week curing time. they will be available for pre-order. 

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