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Sunny Side Up: Infusing Sunshine & Happiness into Home Decor

Infusing Sunshine & Happiness Into Your Home Decor

Hello, sunshine seekers! Welcome to a world where the sun never sets on your home aura. Imagine transforming your residence into an abode of color-filled warmth 🌞 and joy 🐱   

In this blog, we explore the vibrant world of colorful home decor, a surefire way to sprinkle positivity around every corner and highlight the natural 🌿 connection between bright spaces and blissful minds

sunny living room with wavy pink and white wallpaper, maximalist interior decor


The Power of Sunshine 🌞 in Home Decor

The presence of sunlight in our homes isn't just for show. It envelopes us in a halo 😇 of happiness, casting out shadows of gloom.

 Studies confirm that environments drenched in sunny colorful vibes can boost your mood and improve mental health. The luminous touch of solar-inspired accents is more than aesthetic—it's therapeutic! 💆

🌈 Colorful Decor Ideas for Every Room ✨

Living Room: Enliven your gathering space with marigold-hued cushions, radiant art 🖌️ pieces, and a medley of hot pink and bright blue trinkets

Bedroom: Wrap your resting place in the embrace of lilac 🪻 drapes, citrus-toned bedding, and golden hour paraphernalia

Kitchen: Make hearty meals amongst lemon-yellow 🍋 textiles, mango-tinted tableware, and evergreen botanicals 🌿 with a bit of primary blue and primary green spread throughout

DIY 🔧 Sunshine Projects

Unleash your creativity with easy-to-follow DIY projects, you can easily search pinterest for DIY maximalist or DIY colorful home decor

Whether you're fashioning a dazzling disco 🪩 tiled end table out of foam blocks and mirror tiles, clay modeling a wrap-around frame for a brightly-colored wavy 🪞 mirror or giving a facelift to furniture in highly visible hues, these hands-on activities promise not just home decor, but an atmospheric experience drenched in joyful vibes. 

Our Colorful Homewares Collections

Drift into our Colorful Homewares master collection featuring specific pieces of home decor, where each item bares the soul of the sun 🌞 when it comes to vibrancy. 

An eclectic, funky trio of hanging planter pots, chic wavy wall furnishings, or disco-tiled aesthetics that catch beams of light and throw them into the dance of daylong delight inside your home. Your home decor statement is important, and we're here to help.

colorfule candle vessels and cups made from eco-friendly jesmonite in many funky shapes

🌻 Bringing the Outdoors In🌻

A chink of aloe or a pot of daisies can be transformative, inviting the essence of spring indoors long after the season wilts. Embrace luscious leafage and blooming buds as your solar sidekicks, brightening your home from the inside and out.

Don't just go hard in the paint with the florals though, a luscious and healthy green monstera plant with a few green and pink succulents scattered about would be just the bright and poppy yet contrasted home decor vibe you're looking for.

bright sunny and super colorful living room with maximalist decor and lots of leafy green houseplants

Personal Touches for Positivity

Engrain your essence into your home decor with items that hold personal significance - a bright neon acrylic photo 🖼️ frame, a gouache painted keepsake, or a cherished vintage souvenir. 

As interior designer Jonathan Adler says, "Your home decor should be like a good dose of Zoloft" — a personal statement of vibrancy.  

Our Advocacy for Positive Mental Health 🧠💪

atmosphaera pledges allegiance to the sunshine––not just in our home decor but within ourselves. We stand by the belief that every beautiful space mirrors a sound mind. We collaborate and contribute, nurturing roots of positivity reaching far beneath the surface.

Beauty from within your home 🏡 & within your heart 💗,  that's our modus operandi ✨

round mirror with "good vibes" painted on it
groovyprintuk on etsy

A Bright Idea 💡or Two

Join the luminous legion— the aura, our bi-weekly newsletter jam-packed with home decor styles and tips, product showcases and behind the scenes sneak peeks at what we're plotting or creating 🎨 next

We run monthly giveaways with subscribers getting 2 extra entries each month, and we also offer freebies to subscribers-only like candle samples and the occasional home decor statement piece in exchange for test results and/or user-generated-content on social media to help us grow!

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Seek more bright 💡home decor ideas on our website, and together, let's celebrate the brilliance of sunny spaces for everyone. With the sun in your eyes and a bright sound of mind, you can't go wrong!

Remember, it's always sunny somewhere 🌞 and with these home decor tips, that somewhere can be right in your personal atmosphere. 

Crafting a Maximalist Wonderland in Your Home

imagine your home as a canvas, but instead of painting with the dreary greys and beiges that scream "suburbia," we're going bold, bright, and utterly bananas with our home decor palette. think electric blues clashing with vivacious pinks, patterns that have more personality than your eccentric aunt, and hues so bold they make your heart skip a beat.

maximalist home decor accessories are the cherries on top; they're like the eccentric jewelry of your home. we're talking lamps that look like they were swiped from a whimsical antique shop, cushions that tell a story of far-off lands, and wall art that's so engaging, your guests can't help but stare.

 this isn't just home decorating, my dear, it's curating a space that's as unique and vibrant as you are. so, throw caution to the wind, mix those patterns, and let your home be a testament to the joy of living colorfully.

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