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sculpting living spaces with evolving style

immerse yourself in thoughtfully designed spaces & your brain will respond to the visual delight and aesthetic harmony.

the novelty of the new styles & the satisfaction of aligning our surroundings with current design sensibilities activates the brain's reward system...

releasing dopamine and creating a sense of pleasure & accomplishment.


the mission

we're dedicated to enhancing your environment with colorful, funky aesthetics and aromatherapy that uplifts the spirit, fostering a sense of peace and happiness in your head, home & heart.

our commitment to sustainability & small-batch manufacturing ensures that each product not only beautifies your space but also respects our planet.

more about us
sustainable homewares made from jesmonite mineral stone
artisan handmade
handcrafted with premium, organic materials
organic waxes
candles made with all-natural 100% vegan waxes
no animals harmed in any way, shape or form

handcrafted eco-friendly homewares

our vibrant one-of-a-kind products are created using eco-friendly jesmonite mineral stone, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint

each piece is handcrafted in our art studio, where we embrace sustainable practices to bring you artistic products with a conscience

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